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The unexpected reason in Hugh Jackman's divorce after 27 years of marriage has been named


Daily Mail: Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness' marriage could be rocked by Covid

Australian actor Hugh Jackman prefers to refrain from commenting on his divorce proceedings. However, those around the Hollywood star started talking about what caused serious changes in the celebrity’s personal life. According to the Daily Mail, Jackman's union with American actress Deborra-Lee Furness could have cracked after 27 years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“In recent years, their love has turned more into friendship, especially during Covid. The lockdown did not strengthen their marriage, but jeopardized it,” a source close to the Hollywood couple told the publication.

Let us remember that the day before, Hugh Jackman, who was considered one of the most exemplary family men in Hollywood, stunned fans with the news of a divorce. He was married to American Deborra-Lee Furness for 27 years, and together they raised two adopted children. Hugh is now 54 and Deborah is 67, but it's clear that the age difference has never been an issue for them.


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