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The series "Sherlock in Russia": plot, actors, interesting facts



The START online platform in the fall of 2020 has expanded the collection of projects available to subscribers of the video service. Now users of the Internet cinema will be able, if they wish, to watch the series "Sherlock in Russia" filmed by director Nurbek Egen.

We tell about a brief summary of the new detective TV show, the actors and their roles, as well as about the amusing facts related to the serial detective story.



It is difficult to imagine a person who has not heard of the famous literary character created by Arthur Conan Doyle - the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. What amazing adventures the brave detective and his constant companion, Dr. Watson had! And in almost every case, Holmes managed to emerge victorious thanks to an amazing deduction.

The series "Sherlock in Russia" continues the story of the adventures of the popular hero. This time, Holmes faced Jack the Ripper himself, terrifying the inhabitants of London. However, the skirmish ended unsuccessfully for the detective - his loyal companion was wounded, and the detective himself was forced to follow the trail of the escaped criminal in the Russian Empire. However, in mysterious Russia, besides the search for the Ripper, there are other things to do for a real professional, a master of detective work. 

Actors and roles

The main roles in the series were performed by the following actors:

Maxim Matveyev - Sherlock Holmes, pursuing a bloodthirsty maniac, Jack the Ripper, who has gone from just punishment . The ruthless killer tries to hide from the detective on the territory of the Russian Empire. But the detective does not want to lag behind the murderer and, following the Ripper, who wounded his friend and assistant Dr. Watson , ends up in St. Petersburg.


In the imperial capital, as it turns out, there are enough all sorts of crimes. And the local police are unable to catch all the offenders, because none of the local law enforcement officers have heard of deduction. So Sherlock Holmes, who has arrived in St. Petersburg, will have enough work to do besides hunting Jack the Ripper. However, local police officials are not too happy with a foreign guest. Fortunately, even in cold Russia, the renowned detective will not have to work alone.

Vladimir Mishukov - Doctor Kartsev, from whom Sherlock Holmes, who arrived in the capital of Russia, rented a room. Replacing the wounded Watson in a new location, like the latter, he helps the detective in all available ways to unravel various crimes, the investigation of which is powerless to handle the St. Petersburg police.


Irina Starshenbaum - Sophia, volunteer assistant to Sherlock Holmes. Working side by side with a girl who turns out to be not only beautiful, but also extremely quick-witted, the famous English detective understands that she has become for him something more than just a work partner. So now Holmes will have to deal not only with the underworld of St. Petersburg, but also with his own feelings.


Also in the series starred: Pavel Maikov , Konstantin Yushkevich , Oksana Bazilevich , Anna Sannikova and Konstantin Bogomolov as Znamensky.

Interesting Facts

1. Work on the project was carried out mainly on the territory of the Leningrad Region and St. Petersburg. Moreover, among the places where the series "Sherlock in Russia" was filmed, ancient monuments were also noted. For example, a mansion located on Bolshaya Morskaya Street that once belonged to the chairman of the Imperial Russian Historical Society, Alexander Polovtsov, where the atmosphere of the century before last has been preserved in its original form.


2. During the period of joint work on the series, the performers of the main roles of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Kartsev, Maxim Matveev and Vladimir Mishukov, became so imbued with mutual sympathy that the on-screen friends eventually became friends outside the set.

3. In order to make the series "Sherlock in Russia" more believable and to understand how foreigners construct Russian phrases, Maxim Matveyev consulted for a long time with the native Englishman, journalist Tobin Aubert, who has long lived in Russia. Together they worked through the entire scenario, analyzing in detail the moments that demonstrate the process of adapting Sherlock Holmes to Russian realities.. ■



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