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The series "Idol" with the daughter of Johnny Depp is considered too scandalous to continue


There are too many provocations and explicit scenes - this is how the audience decided the short season of the Idol series, which was closed.

The series is based on the story of a young pop star going through a career crisis - she was played by Lily-Rose Depp. The girl suffers a nervous breakdown and fails in the vocal industry. Frame from the series: "Idol" Frame from the series: "Idol" In an attempt to distract herself from her problems, the aspiring star goes to a nightclub, where she has a fateful meeting with an influential man named Tedros.

He is also the owner of the club, and his role is played by the lead singer of The Weeknd - Abel Makkonen Tesfaye. He promises the girl a better life and help in her career, self-proclaiming her manager. In the end, everything turns out to be not so fabulous, because Tedros accompanies his help with violent methods.


Still from the series: "Idol"

Although the creators of the picture (HBO) are pleased with the violent and sharp reaction to the project, they still refused to shoot the second season. Moreover, the series was released in an already abridged form, because not 5, but 6 episodes were originally planned.

Earlier we talked about how Johnny Depp feels about the scandalous and outspoken role of his daughter. ;


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