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The secret children of Pavel Durov are officially presented to the public for the first time


Interesting rumors have been circulating for a long time about the personal life of the most mysterious IT developer Pavel Durov. The businessman himself does not give any comments about his affairs, but curious news will emerge on the Web. For example, for a long time it was believed that Pavel is in a relationship with Alena Shishkova. The model has more than once posted pictures with the legend of the Internet on social networks.

There was information about Durov's marriage - allegedly he was once married, had two children, but then divorced. For a long time, these data were considered an ordinary fiction of the press - until now. An authoritative publication published a rating of the richest children of Russian entrepreneurs, and Pavel's son and daughter were included in this list! It is known that the children were born about 10 years ago, and the boy's name is Mikhail. Durov's ex-wife is Daria Bondarenko, whom the billionaire met while still studying at the university.

But earlier Pavel denied the very fact of marriage. He stated that he considers marriage a relic of the past, and he will never register his relationship officially.


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