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The relationship of Egor Kreed and Selena Gomez: why is this “fake” verified the authenticity of the photo, in which the singer is seen with Justin Bieber's former girlfriend 

The numerous fans of Egor Kreed on February 14 had to be very nervous. The reason for this was the photo, which Egor himself published on his Instagram page. On it he was depicted in the company of a famous American actress and singer Selena Gomez.

Yes, one could have believed this tale if, upon closer inspection, the picture did not turn out to be fake - someone “glued” the head of another person to Kreed’s head, and the girl’s face was clearly out of place there.


In the photo, the singer, however, noted the account of Selena and his own fan page, and afterwards posted a video where he and the former girlfriend of Justin Bieber allegedly sang songs in the car. After that, the most trusting and inattentive singer fans finally believed that the Russian singer began dating a Hollywood star. And attentive just laughed at our joke.

“Egor, don't even dream about it, go and embrace Kirkorov,” writes a user with the nickname timur.671.

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Egor Kreed turned February 14 on April Fools' Day.

The video, in which Kreed and Gomez ride together in a car, looks very convincing, however, and it turned out to be a fake. In fact, there are a lot of similar videos, including with the participation of Selena and her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, as well as Selena and another guy. And in all videos, the girl is wearing the same T-shirt, in which she was filmed two years ago for the James Corden show. Kreed in the video with his participation is chewing a Moscow bun and drinking coffee - this image is well known to the Maxim-Maxim viewers on Channel One. 

How did the video of singing Selena Gomez and Egor Kreed come together?

What happened to Bieber, if it was he who drove the car with Selena in the passenger seat? For video editing masters, nothing is impossible! And, it was not difficult to take one person sitting in the light cabin of one car and put another in the light cabin, picking up movements so that he would “sing along” with Selena.

Is there a relationship between Egor Kreed and Selena Gomez?

The answer to this question is only one: of course not. First, Selena, with her 150 million followers, is always in the center of attention, and not once did the paparazzi see her next to a Russian singer, whose name across the ocean is not widely known.

Secondly,  these two celebs don't follow each other on Instagram, which in our time can be considered as direct evidence of the absence of any connections between people.

And thirdly, this week, media, citing their sources surrounded by a star, reported that Selena, who recently has been experiencing serious health problems, does not want to meet or build relationships with anyone. Instead, she reads a lot, works with a psychotherapist, spends time with her family and close friends. There is clearly no place for Kreed in her life.


Gomez and Kreed instead of Bieber - this is someone's fantasy

Among the fans of Egor Kreed, however, there are those who have been trying to “connect” him with Selena Gomez since 2016. And yes, perhaps they could be a no less beautiful couple than Gomez and Canadian superstar Justin Bieber. Egor is in many ways similar to Justin - they were born with a difference of only a few months, both are pretty blond, both have tattoos. Perhaps in the future, Kreed will still have a chance. For example, if a project similar to Russian “Bachelor” begins on American television, but with Selena Gomez as an enviable bride, Egor may well try himself as a participant.

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