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The real reason why Nikki Reed's ex-lover Pavel Priluchnyy is getting divorced

Actors still hide divorce from children

Agatha Muceniece for the first time revealed why she and ex-husband Pavel Priluchnyy split up.

Agata Muceniece and Pavel Priluchnyy are preparing documents for divorce. In February 2020, the actors made a fateful decision to leave after nine years of relations. At the same time, the stars are still hiding break up from their children - the son Timothy and the daughter of Mia.

Agatha Muceniece for the first time revealed the details of the divorce with Pavel Priluchny. Recently, their communication has been tense, and now and then there have been scandals that have negatively affected children. In the end, the couple decided to divorce before they hate each other.

"Our union has come to the conclusion that we need to break up. We have ceased to understand each other. It does not bring as much happiness as before. For me it is an indicator. He does not understand me. I do not understand him. We cannot find a common language. We decided that it would be right to split up to remain normal parents for their children, "said the actress in an interview for the YouTube channel PeopleTalk.

According to her, they amiably solve all issues, communicate, without quarrels and plan to arrange a quiet divorce. "Now I'm already sorting out the documents," said the actress.

Mutsenietse emphasized that she, as she could, tried to save the family. “We have reached the point where I believe that if someone needs to go to a psychologist, then this is for him. And let him figure it out with everything that he prepared,” the artist said. 

Agatha noted that she did not want to say anything bad about Pavel, but she no longer had the strength to save the marriage. “I want the children to never read anything bad about him that could defile his reputation,” explained Muceniece.

They have not yet told the children about the divorce, so as not to hurt their psyche: "Timothy and Mia are at an age when it is difficult to understand even the meaning of the word" divorce "." Agatha assured that now their life is about the same as before, since she and Priluchnyy are often on the set.

The actress assured that she is grateful to Pavel for the years of marriage.

“I love him madly, and I think I will love all my life. He is a romantic, a bully, absolutely in my taste,” the star shared.

She is not sure if she can build a happy relationship again. “I hope Pasha will be the first to find someone. Then it will be easier for me,” Mutseniece emphasized.

Recall that Muceniece met Priluchnyy on the set of the series "Closed School". A spark ran between the young people. The lovers got married in July 2011. And two years later, the actress gave birth to beloved son Timothy. In March 2016, the couple had a daughter, Mia. From the outside, their union seemed perfect, but at the end of 2019, rumors began to spread that not everything was going smoothly in the family of artists. Pavel and Agatha announced a divorce at the same time on their blogs on February 24th.




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