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The other side of fame: Taylor Lautner was afraid to leave the house


Fans and paparazzi were on duty around the clock under the star's mansion.

The Twilight saga at one time beat all records of popularity, and the actors of the franchise became world-famous stars in one laziness. It was the high-profile fame that caused a lot of problems for Taylor Lautner.

“12 cars were waiting outside my house to follow me wherever I went, or showed up at the airport, or anywhere, and I had thousands of screaming fans. It was frustrating at the time because I just wanted to live a normal life," the actor told The Hollywood Reporter .

By the way, Lautner is considered the main loser of the Twilight franchise. The fact is that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart after the saga were able to become sought-after actors, but Taylor disappeared from the screens for many years, having starred before that in a couple of films of dubious quality.

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