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The neural network draws anime: how to process a photo using Different Dimension Me?


The service can draw in anime style not only you, but also your pet.

The neural network draws anime: how to process a photo using Different Dimension Me Dasha Leizarenko turned everyone into anime characters Author Profile Me In Comics — formerly Different Dimension Me — has gained popularity on social networks , which turns everyone into anime characters: people, animals, or meme heroes. We tell you how to use the neural network and what results you can get there.

Me in Comics is not the only neural network with anime

But one of the easiest to use. In just a few steps, you can generate an anime avatar. True, the service does not offer any additional settings, the picture cannot be customized. If you want to make an anime avatar in a minute without too much trouble, continue reading the Different Dimension Me guide.

If you want to try a more detailed anime neural network, we recommend Niji Journey - we also have a guide about it. She can create not only people, but also landscapes, cities, 3D figures and much more. The service is a little more difficult to use, but on the other hand, you can write detailed requests for yourself in it - with a variety of styles and nuances.

How to generate an anime avatar in Different Dimension Me

Step 1: Go to from your mobile browser. The site is not adapted for desktop mode: on a computer, some elements disappear, and some buttons do not work. Previously, the interface was in Chinese, but it has been adapted to English.

Step 2. Click the big orange Play Now button below the anime girl. After that, the image of another girl will open. Under it, click the Album button - the site will offer to upload a photo. Select it from the smartphone memory or take a new picture. Press the orange button both times


Step 3 Wait a few seconds while the download is in progress. After that, a collage of two images will be generated - the original and processed in the anime style.

Step 4. To save the result as a picture, click the Save button. The collage will open in full screen. Hold the picture and save it to your smartphone. To create a new one, click the arrow below the orange button on the right. After downloading, press the blue button - a photo will appear along with the processed version


What results are obtained in the neural network

People. The neural network practically does not borrow the facial features of a person from a photograph, but repeats the hairstyle, facial hair and accessories. At the same time, beards and mustaches may disappear in men. The neural network stylizes the background in different ways , but it usually matches the original photo in terms of hue and mood. In group shots, algorithms can generate a different number of people.

Not all generations are successful. If you don't like the result, try uploading the same photo again - the picture will be completely different. And if the portrait is passed through the neural network several times, it will become more and more “anime”.



Guess what the neural network drew Anime editors Tech editors T⁠—⁠F


Animals. The neural network willingly stylizes cats and dogs - they turn out even better than people. Pets are even recognized in the generated pictures. But sometimes Different Dimension Me turns cats into people.




Anime Animal Editors F⁠—⁠F

Memes. Users of social networks do not pass themselves through the neural network, but celebrities and characters of Internet culture. We also tried it - it turned out that the neural network removes alcohol from cartoon characters and turns trees into people.


Meme heroes we processed in QQ

What other neural networks can be used to process photos in anime style

Lensa. The photo editor is based on the Stable Diffusion neural network and generates 200 avatars at a time. Ten of them will be in anime style. We have detailed how to use the app in the Lensa guide.

midjourney. The neural network generates avatars in any style, including anime. To do this, you need to upload your photo and write the appropriate request. You can create twenty pictures for free. We detailed how to do this in the Midjourney Avatar Guide.

facetune. The face retouching app has an AI stylized image generator. You need to upload five of your photos and wait until they are processed. After that, you can write your request - for example, the name of a certain anime. You can generate images for free and unlimited. The app is available for iOS and Android.

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