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The most beautiful figure: scientists named the name of the actress who has the perfect body


Each woman, without exception, has a unique body with its own advantages and disadvantages, but, according to scientists, there is still such a thing as an "ideal figure". Moreover, the researchers even named the name of its owner. She is known all over the world and loved by millions of fans.

Not only a face can be ideally beautiful, but also a body. As the saying goes, there is no dispute about tastes, and each of us has our own visions of ideal beauty. But scientists still named the name of a woman who has flawless parameters from the point of view of science. Who is this? Scientists have named the parameters of the ideal female body A study by the University of Texas shows that the female body type that admires people of both sexes the most belongs to model and actress Kelly Brook. According to American scientists, a beautiful British woman has the most scientifically perfect body in the world.

Researchers have found that the ideal female body has the following parameters:

height 1.68 meters;

the size of the chest, waist and hips is 99x63x91 centimeters.

These parameters almost completely coincide with the parameters of the body of Kelly Brook. Although her body is considered “the most scientifically beautiful in the world,” Brook says she has been the victim of ridicule and criticism of her figure countless times throughout her life. As soon as the actress publishes a photo in a swimsuit on the network, haters immediately swoop in and write to her that she is a fat and blurry woman.


The 41-year-old model, of course, does not allow herself to be offended, but admits that after reading such comments, her mood deteriorates, and sometimes she even gives up.

What can I say here? Kelly Brook's body is quite different from those parameters of ideality that advertising imposes on us every day, slender models walking the catwalks, and insta-divas who reshaped their appearance with the help of plastic surgeries. We now know that, at least from a scientific point of view, the world's most beautiful body is not limited to 90-60-90 parameters. In general, every woman should remember that she is unique and beautiful.

Love your body and be happy! You may be interested in learning about the unusual beauty contests that are held in different countries. Ideal body parameters are the last thing that the jury present at them pays attention to.

Photo: Instagram @iamkb



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