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The media called the alleged mistress of Nyusha's husband


The media called the alleged mistress of her husband Nyusha The network is discussing with whom Igor Sivov cheated on his wife.

The media are discussing that the possible mistress of Nyusha's husband, businessman Igor Sivov, is the married model Victoria Lopyreva. The Nemalakhov telegram channel writes about this . Fans note that after Nyusha and her husband moved to Dubai, the artist became friends with Lopyreva. Their families spent a lot of time together. In addition, fans noticed that Sivov "likes" the photo of Lopyreva in social networks. Earlier in an interview, Nyusha admitted that she survived her husband's betrayal and decided to forgive him. After that, Igor Sivov also commented on the situation.

Recall that the singer in the summer of 2017 married businessman Igor Sivov, the couple is raising two children in common: their daughter Simba-Seraphima is three years old, and their son Saffron is nine months old. From a previous marriage, the performer's husband has two sons who often spend time with their father and his family. Nyusha said that she was able to make friends with Matvey and Miron.

The alleged mistress of Sivov, Victoria Lopyreva, also has a family. The model is married to businessman Igor Bulatov, in 2019 the couple had a son, who was named Mark Lionel. Victoria Lopyreva is a Russian TV presenter on sports channels, a fashion model and an ambassador for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. How she looks, see the gallery:


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