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The habit of getting married: 5 spouses of Pamela Anderson


Recently it became known that the 53-year-old actress married for the sixth time.

We decided to remember what the previous unions of the star were, and also to tell who her current spouse is. Pamela Anderson became popular in the 90s. Particular attention to the life of the actress appeared after the premiere of the series "Rescuers Malibu", in which she got one of the main roles. Pamela has always had many admirers, so it is not surprising that she got married six times, and twice for the same man. Who managed to win the heart of one of the main sex symbols - read more in our material.

Tommy Lee


Source: Legion-Media

The press often discussed Pamela's personal life: she met with actor David Charvet, with whom she worked on the creation of the series "Rescuers Malibu", then she was the beloved of producer John Peters and actor Sylvester Stallone. But in 1995, Anderson amazed everyone by announcing that she was marrying musician and lead singer of Mötley Crüe Tommy Lee.

It is interesting that the actress had already received marriage proposals before, but for some reason did not agree to marry any of her lovers. With Tommy it was a completely different story - it was the same love at first sight. The lovers' wedding took place four days after they met.

“Just Tommy and nobody else. He was the love of my life. But our relationship started too wild and crazy - it was too much for both of us. It was true love at first sight. I knew him only 4 days before we got married, ”the star later said.

The interest to the couple was immediately heightened, because what was the price of their unusual wedding, which took place on the beach. As a wedding dress, Pamela chose a white swimsuit, and Tommy chose swimming trunks of the same color. The couple behaved very eccentric and did not hesitate to show their feelings in public. In the same year, they were expecting their first child, but, unfortunately, the baby was never born - the actress had a miscarriage. But in 1996 and 1997, the couple had sons - Brandon and Dylan.


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The star couple had a very busy and stormy life. They not only publicly confessed their love to each other, made expensive gifts, but also loved to record their intimate life on a video camera, which is why they later even had to sue. Once cassettes with explicit videos were stolen, and then the videos themselves got on the Internet. 6 stars who jumped out to marry unfamiliar men 6 stars who jumped out to marry unfamiliar men

Perhaps Lee and Anderson, as in a fairy tale, would have lived happily ever after, if not for their violent disposition. It is known that lovers often quarreled, and then passionately reconciled. But once another scandal became the reason for the separation of the lovers.

Then Tommy raised his hand to his wife, for which he went to prison and was sentenced to six months in prison. Pamela even decided to divorce her husband, but during the time that they did not see each other, she missed him so much that she gave another chance.

“When we finally met, I literally threw myself on his neck. And she cried - she could not stop! It turned out that we have such a crazy passion for each other, such a violent sexual energy that now it is simply difficult for me to imagine that we could part for a whole year, "the actress said then. She believed that her beloved had learned a lesson and changed. In addition, for several weeks the couple visited a therapist and tried to solve all their problems. Anderson admitted that in the first place she reunited with her husband a number of children, who, in her opinion, should have grown up in a complete family.

However, this idyll did not last long: Tommy again became addicted to alcohol, began to be jealous of his wife and make scandals. Six months after the reconciliation, Pamela filed for divorce and this time brought the matter to an end.

Despite the painful separation, the musician and actress were able to remain friends for the sake of their children. “But we're good friends. We were able to find a common language for the sake of raising children. He supports me very much, and I am very glad that we are in such good relations, ”said the actress. Even today, she says that Tommy Lee was the greatest love of her life.

Kid Rock


The habit of getting married: 5 spouses of Pamela Anderson Source: Karl Schoendorfer / Shutterstock /

The second official husband of the actress was the rock musician Kid Rock. The couple's wedding took place in 2006 and, as always, was very unusual. The ceremony took place on a yacht in the resort place of Saint-Tropez. Pamela chose a short wedding dress, and then changed it to a white swimsuit, and Kid - jeans and a white hat.

This union was very short-lived: already four months after the marriage, the couple decided to divorce. Recently Sacha Baron Cohen said that the initiator of the divorce was Rock, who called his wife an obscene woman and spoke negatively about her participation in the film "Borat".

Rick Salomon


The habit of getting married: 5 spouses of Pamela Anderson Source: Albert Ferreira / Shutterstock / Pamela's third marriage, which she entered into with film producer Rick Salomon in 2007, was not at all long. It was rumored that Pamela lost to him at cards and promised to repay the debt in bed. Rik liked the star so much that he very quickly called her in marriage.

A few months after the wedding, Anderson filed for divorce, claiming that the reason was the terrible behavior of her husband. It turned out that Rick, like the previous chosen ones of the star, often made scandals. Interestingly, seven years later, the former spouses met again and decided to try again to start a family. In 2014, Anderson and Salomon got married, but after six months they broke up and already forever. Pamela later admitted that she would have left her negligent husband even earlier, if not for the intimate photographs with which he blackmailed her.

John Peters


The habit of getting married: 5 spouses of Pamela Anderson Sources: @pamelaanderson, Peter Brooker / Shutterstock /

Back in the mid-80s, Pamela met with producer John Peters, who even invited her to marry. But, as you know, in those days, the actress refused many. It turns out that John has been waiting for his beloved woman for 35 years. The man admitted that all these years he was thinking about Anderson - he did not pay attention to other girls, because he wanted to be with her. His wish came true at the end of January 2020 - Pamela finally agreed to marry him. 6 stars who were thrown via SMS 6 stars who were thrown via SMS However, the star did not even have time to enjoy family life: 12 days after the wedding, Peters told his wife that he wanted to divorce. He wrote her an SMS in which he explained such a hasty decision.

“At 74, I need a simple, quiet life, not an international love affair. So I think the best thing we can do is part ways. You need to go back to Canada. The world knows that we did it, and I think that now we need to go our own ways. I hope you can forgive me, ”explained the producer. Dan Hayhurst The habit of getting married: 5 spouses of Pamela Anderson Source: @rastasanctuary Survive another development

Dan Hayhurst


Source: @rastasanctuary A new lover helped Pamela survive another divorce. Recently it became known that the star for the sixth time married her 40-year-old bodyguard Dan Heichurst, whom she met in early 2020. The couple's secret wedding took place in the family estate of the actress in Canada, where her parents were once married.


Source: @rastasanctuary

The lovers staged a modest celebration, where only the most dear people were invited. On this day, Pamela refused from expensive jewelry and a luxurious dress, preferring a dress in the style of the 40s. “I am exactly where I need to be: in the arms of a man who truly loves me,” concluded Pamela Anderson. Let's hope that this marriage will be happy, because many close actresses say that she finally met a real man who treats her with care. Source: @rastasanctuary


“She feels very comfortable, they never lose sight of each other. He's not a guy from Hollywood, this is perfect for Pamela, ”concluded the close stars.




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