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"The girl needs a razor." Madonna's daughter showed off arm hair


Lourdes works as a model

On April 11, the American singer Madonna posted a photo on her Instagram page in which she was captured with her daughter, model Lourdes Maria Ciccone-Leon. Lourdes is captured taking a selfie with her mom - with her hand up, holding her phone. The singer's daughter showed off an unshaven armpit . "Like pieces of your heart walking outside of you," she wrote.


Followers commented on the snapshot.

"The girl needs a razor," said giggles__1981.

"Damn, she needs to shave her armpits," said kingpencilravers.

"Really? This is a beautiful photo of a beautiful mother with her gorgeous daughter. And all you guys can't stop talking about is her armpit hair?" - asked jp_champs.

Context: 24-year-old Lourdes is Madonna's daughter. The girl works as a model. Madonna also has a son - 20-year-old Rocco, as well as four adopted children: eight-year-old Stella and Esther, 15-year-old David Banda and 15-year-old Mercy James. All adopted children are natives of the African state of Malawi. 

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