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The first interview with Egor Tarabasov after the breakup with Lindsay Lohan!


Egor Tarabasov and Lindsay Lohan

Last summer, Lindsay Lohan (30) broke up with the young Russian boyfriend-millionaire Egor Tarabasov (23).

Lindsay Lohan's Engagement Ring

Photos and videos of their fights began to appear on the web, after which the actress flew to Moscow to take part in the "Let them talk" show, where she stated that she not only paid for Egor, but also bought herself an engagement ring.

Knowing how Lindsay likes to quarrel, the public doubted the veracity of the words of the actress. But Egor remained silent and was afraid to confront Lohan. It seems that this whole story was just a successful PR move, so that Lohan spoke again. After parting with Egor, Lohan many times got to the pages of the media (she threw a tantrum in a Moscow bar, then she accepted Islam ...), but Tarabasov disappeared.

Egor Tarabasov

.ru contacted Egor and found out what he was doing and what had changed in his life after the breakup with Lindsey.

"The most important thing is that the journalists stopped following me and my every step," Tarabasov said. - And so, in principle, nothing has changed dramatically. As for parting with Lindsay, I'm not one of those men for whom the separation is a reason to radically change something in life".

Egor seems to be cunning, because almost immediately after the hype in the press he returned to his homeland. "Before the New Year, I decided to move back to Moscow. Not that I would have missed it, it's just that the real estate market in London became worse, and analyzing the whole situation, I came to the conclusion that there are more prospects in Russia now. At the moment I'm studying the Moscow market, in order to understand in which area I should go. Perhaps it will be real estate, and maybe I'll find myself in something else".

Egor Tarabasov

And while he has a lot of free time, which he spends abroad: then Mauritius, the Cote d'Azur, Mykonos, Hong Kong, Tuscany and Courchevel (if there is snow). "Even in the past six months I managed to go to China, Mongolia, Boracay (Philippines), Levan, Rome, Athens, Dubai and Lake Volgo (where I celebrated the New Year)." And he travels ... alone!


Egor Tarabasov

Well, or with family and friends, Egor does not have a girlfriend. "I have not yet met the one with whom I would like to build a serious relationship," Tarabasov admits. So the one of the most enviable bachelors of Russia is free! 

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