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"The bride's morning was perfect": Asti revealed the details of the secret wedding


The soloist of the duet "Artik & Asti" with her husband arranged a modest celebration.

At the end of last year, 30-year-old soloist of the group Artik & Asti Anna Dzyuba married her boyfriend, businessman Stanislav Yurkin. The happy couple planned to arrange a magnificent wedding, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the celebration had to be held in a narrow family circle.

The singer did not hide the news of an important event from her fans and posted several pictures from the wedding photo shoot on Instagram. Ann also admitted that she still dreams of a luxurious party where she can invite all her friends and relatives. 

A month later, Asti revealed the details of the event, for which she chose an elegant dress with a puffy hem and a very long train. Despite the complex image, the bride managed to quickly get ready, but she was still late for her own wedding.

“I was late for my wedding. Despite the fact that this special day for Stas and me was quite calm, and even my bride's morning, which I will tell you about, was perfect and without a single hitch, I still managed to be late for my own painting. I still don’t understand how it happened ”- Instadiva humorously asked the followers for advice on how to plan your time so that you can do everything and not be late for important meetings.

She also showed a series of shots in which she poses in a wedding dress. Fans were able to carefully examine the spectacular pattern on the dress, embroidered with sparkling beads and rhinestones.


Photo: @astiselfmade


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