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The beautiful wife of the best Russian defender in the NHL Mikhail Sergachev - who is she?


Mikhail Sergachev is only 24 years old, and he is already one of the most titled and experienced Russian defenders of our time. He has a World Championship bronze, two Stanley Cups and 362 NHL games to his credit . Sergachev is one of the most important players in Tampa, who played in the playoff final three years in a row. All this time, Mikhail was supported on the podium by his wife Elizabeth.


@liza_shelby @liza_shelby

Mikhail and Elizabeth met on the Internet when they were both teenagers. The girl is 2 years older than her chosen one. They started dating in 2017. Then the defender was exchanged from Montreal to Tampa. Elizabeth studied at Kazan Federal University and only came to visit her lover.



In 2018, the girl graduated from the university and moved to Sergachev in Tampa, where the couple still lives.

Elizabeth started blogging on the Internet and looking for herself: at first she worked as a make-up artist, sold swimwear through social networks and talked about life in the USA, while studying yoga at the same time. “It seemed to me that something was wrong with me, that everyone had already found their job, and I was some kind of “loser”. Now I understand that it was an absolutely normal period. I graduated from the university, abruptly left for another country, this crisis was inevitable. For about a year, I just suffered, ”she wrote about that period of her life.




@liza_shelby @liza_shelby

When the coronavirus pandemic began, the girl launched a closed yoga club and began teaching online. The blog has also grown rapidly. The girl continued her studies in the field of medicine and sports, mastered Pilates and began to teach it. At the same time, she launched the SHELBY YOGA clothing brand.

A year ago, when Tampa won their second Stanley Cup, Elizabeth and Mikhail talked about their wedding. It was played on December 22, 2020, but then the couple did not advertise the event. Two years ago, Mikhail signed a new contract with the Lightning for three seasons with a salary of $ 4.8 million. The couple bought a house in Tampa, where they live happily. Elizabeth in her blog not only talks about yoga, Pilates and health, but also shows her life in the USA. Now the Sergachevs are resting in Mexico, from where the girl also shares beautiful content. 

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