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The Barbie doll is accused of promoting anorexia


Deputy Butskaya accused the Barbie doll of promoting anorexia among children.

The State Duma accused the Barbie doll of promoting anorexia.The Barbie doll promotes anorexia and various diseases, says Tatyana Butskaya, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children.

According to the deputy, girls will strive to resemble the popular toy in appearance, using dangerous methods, writes NSN. If you take Barbie's measurements and transfer them to a real person, then this is a 35 cm waist. It is very difficult to imagine a girl with such a waist. You can achieve anything, the main thing is to set a goal, but how is this achieved? This is anorexia. A toy is what we transmit into a child’s head. This is how he will grow up ,” she explained .

Butskaya also noted that girls who played Barbie 20 years ago now prefer to build a career instead of having children. The same opinion is shared by Tatyana Semenova, Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and Methods of Preschool Education, Faculty of Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology, Moscow State Pedagogical University. She said that the girls who played with these dolls in the 90s adopted the image of an easy and independent beauty and refused to start a family.

Psychologist Anna Tsirkunova previously stated that Barbie dolls should be replaced with a Russian analogue; heroines of fairy tales such as Vasilisa the Wise or Marya the Artisan can be taken as a basis. According to her, these heroines are distinguished by wisdom, self-respect, kindness and ingenuity.

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