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Svetlana Loboda stopped hiding the face of the youngest daughter


Two years ago, Svetlana Loboda became a mother for the second time. The Ukrainian star gave birth to a daughter, whom she named with the unusual name Tilda. Previously, the singer hid the baby's face, but today she showed it on social networks. Svetlana Loboda Svetlana Loboda The picture, in which Svetlana poses with her daughter Loboda herself captioned: "There is no love more unconditional than the love of a mother for her child." “How beautiful, all like a mother”, “We hid it for so long and we waited for it - super,” “Now, under a microscope, anyone is examining whether Tilda looks like Til,” the followers reacted.


Indeed, for a long time on the Web, rumors have been actively circulating that Tilda is the daughter of the leader of the German group Rammstein Till Lindemann, with whom Loboda had an affair. In favor of these rumors is the fact that the musician came to discharge and took the ex-lover home. True, in interviews, celebrities diligently avoid this topic - Till simply ignores all questions, and Svetlana says that she has a contract. Loboda and Tilda Loboda and Tilda Recall that Svetlana also has a daughter, Evangelina. The girls travel with their mother and are now on vacation with the whole family.


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