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Svetlana Loboda and Till Lindemann: 8 most interesting photos


The leader of the world-famous German rock group Rammstein Till Lindemann and singer Svetlana Loboda, as is commonly believed in the press, first met in 2017 at the Zhara festival. Since that time, rumors that the two stars are romantically linked have not died down. Rocker is even called the father of the girl Tilda, whom the singer gave birth to in May last year.

Perhaps the most famous joint photographs of the artists were taken at the "Heat" festival in Baku. In July 2017, Svetlana and Till not only took pictures, but also had a nice conversation and hugged each other, after which there were rumors about a spark between them.




Soon it became known about the singer's pregnancy. The fathers, of course, immediately recorded a German artist, who, in many joint photos, does not take his eyes off her.

Also, the network got pictures of the long-awaited meeting and secret date of the star couple in the cinema, in which both look happy. In the fall, Loboda was discharged from the Botkin Hospital in Moscow after an urgent kidney operation. She was not alone in leaving the clinic - the leader of the Rammstein group himself came to pick her up. After that, the couple went to a restaurant for dinner. The six-month-old Tilda remained under the supervision of a nanny, and the eldest daughter of Loboda, Eva, kept the adults company.



In January, Loboda originally congratulated Lindemann on his birthday. On January 4, the musician turned 56 years old, and the artist posted on her Instagram account a joint photo with a man wearing a white coat and with a medical mask on his face. “Happy birthday to my best doctor in the world,” the singer signed.




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