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Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown marries Jon Bon Jovi's son



The actress told about the engagement to her followers in social networks.

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, 19, is getting married. The actress broke the good news by posting a photo on social media with her lover Jake Bon Jovi, who is the son of iconic musician Jon Bon Jovi.

I loved you for three years. Now, dear, I want everyone else, - Millie wrote an appeal to the groom.

In the picture, he hugs her from behind, and she holds his hands. On the finger of the girl's left hand, one can see a ring with a large diamond. Bon Jovi, 20, echoed the news on his page, captioning the footage simply: Forever.


Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bon Jovi Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bon Jovi


For the first time, Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bon Jovi's romance began to be discussed in June 2021. The reason for this was a joint photo of young people, published by the son of a rock musician. In November, Bobbi Brown posted her first photo with Bon Jovi. On February 19, 2022, the actress celebrated her 18th birthday, and he was among the guests. After the paparazzi photographed them together more than once.

In March, the couple took to the red carpet for the first time - young people attended the 75th BAFTA Awards. Previously, Millie Bobby Brown shared her problem with fans. On social networks, the young star published a video in which she showed how she was struggling with acne. In the publication, Millie noted her cosmetic brand Florence by Mills. In the video, Bobbi Brown shared a trick that she personally thinks works really well. The actress used her Clear the Way Purifying Mud Mask, which costs $20, as a spot treatment instead of applying all over her face. She then covered up the breakouts with Spot a Spot patches "to give the skin the love it needs."


Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bon Jovi 

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