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Slanted eyes and wide cheekbones: what does Jared Leto's young lover, who drove him crazy, look like?


The girl became his muse.

Jared Leto is a famous womanizer. And the fact that he is already 51 years old does not affect his ability to conquer women's hearts. Only a year ago, the singer’s romance with Russian model Daria Korchina was vigorously discussed on the network, but during this time dozens of women have been in relationships with Jared (more: Without makeup and photoshop: what 25-year-old Russian lover Jared Leto looks like - 20 hot photos ). Despite the great love for Russian women, Leto wanted to try his luck at home.

Increasingly, the musician began to be seen in the company of 27-year-old model Thet Thinn. The girl comes from Myanmar, from where she moved to the USA a very long time ago. Unusual appearance - coal-colored hair, wide cheekbones and slanting eyes - helped Thet make a good career in the modeling business. And at the same time attracted the attention of the most famous ladies' man in Hollywood.

Jared seems to be so inspired by Thet Thinn that he even featured her in the new music video for his band 30 Seconds to Mars.


Jared Leto and Thet Thinn / PhotoLegion Media

The model looks very young, because Jared is 24 years older than her. However, the couple does not consider this nuance to be fundamental, and continues to enjoy each other's company, albeit secretly ).

Yes, the couple has not yet made any official statements, but they are constantly spotted together on walks and vacations. There is also no hint of Jared on Thet's social networks. The girl only shares pictures in fashionable looks or shows her leisure time.

But netizens do not encourage this union, considering Jared's new passion an "alien".

“I don’t understand what’s beautiful about her”, “Even a frightening appearance”, “You can’t call this Jared girl beautiful”, “And what did he find in her”, “Interesting appearance, but not amazing,” fans said. 13 photos of the unusual Thet Thinn, who was able to win the heart of the main womanizer of Hollywood


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