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Sienna Miller is expecting her second child


Sienna Miller is expecting her second child. This became known thanks to the paparazzi who photographed the actress in Spain with a baby bump. Now Miller is resting in Ibiza, before that she was seen in Saint-Tropez with her boyfriend Oli Green. He is presumably the father of the child.

Actor and model Oli Green is 15 years younger than Sienna Miller: he is 26 years old, Sienna is 41 years old. The couple have been together for over a year.

Sienna Miller already has a 10-year-old daughter, Marlowe, whom she gave birth to with actor Tom Sturridge: the couple dated for four years before breaking up in 2015. After parting, they remained on good terms and raised their daughter together. Before the relationship with Sturridge, the actress had several high-profile novels, including with Jude Law.

A year ago, Sienna Miller spoke out about the possibility of becoming a mother again and said she was worried about it.

“There is a certain pressure on this topic. Should I give birth to more children and why I don’t give birth and so on. For myself, I realized that biology is incredibly cruel to women at this age,” she said in an interview with Elle UK . As a result, the actress froze her eggs at the age of 40: "I was fixated on having such an opportunity myself. If this [pregnancy] happens, it will happen. After that, the fear went away."

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