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Sienna Miller: 'I love wearing men's clothes'


English actress Sienna Miller has repeatedly been included in lists of the most stylish celebrities in the world. She knows how to be seductive, romantic, and aloof. Skilled in mimicry, Sienna prefers simplicity. In everyday life, the 35-year-old movie star often wears men's clothing. 

“I don’t know where it came from, but I like men’s work clothes,” says Miller. – I am attracted to large, baggy straight-cut trousers and tweed jackets. I like things that are spacious, high-waisted, and also strange shoes.

The older the actress gets, the less often she wants to look feminine and romantic.

“I used to be flirty, seductive, and now my clothes carry the message: “Don’t even think about me,” Sienna adds. – The scarier I turn out to be, the less of my body is visible, the better


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