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Shishkova did not hide how she really feels about Timati's son


Model and ex-girlfriend of rapper Timati Alena Shishkova declassified her relationship with her daughter Alice’s half-brother.

The musician’s ex-lover invited three-year-old Ratmir, Timati’s son from model Anastasia Reshetova, to visit. Everything became clear after one publication. Joint photographs with both children appeared on Shishkova’s social networks. Judging by the photo, Alena did not make a distinction between her own daughter and her ex’s son. The camera captured the blonde tenderly hugging both Alice and Ratmir. 




Followers were delighted with Alena’s attitude towards someone else’s child. Some noted that Ratmir’s mother, Anastasia Reshetova, would have behaved differently in this situation: "" Warm feelings arise when looking at these photos, healthy relationships ", " You are smart! Despite the fact that your son is from someone else, you keep in touch so friendly. Admirable! ", " I don’t think Nastya would behave the same way ", " It’s wonderful that the kids communicate. Alena is smart.".

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