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“She was on the verge of collapse”: why Adele canceled concerts


Last week, Adele broke the news to her fans that she had to cancel her Las Vegas shows the day before they started. The singer assured shocked fans (many crossed the Atlantic for her) that Covid was the cause, due to which deadlines were broken and plans collapsed. However, insiders say that the star has something to say. What really happened?



Version one. Adele had excessive requirements for the organization of concerts, which led to a serious conflict with the set designers. The performer, for example, needed a real pool to create the illusion that she was walking on water. The design was ready, but the star was not happy and called it "a littered old pond" . The singer's team also insisted on their own screen and sound system, though the Caesars Palace equipment has yet to let anyone down.

Version two. Eyewitnesses say that it's not the diva-Adel. It is noted that she screamed and sobbed when talking on the phone with her boyfriend, sports agent Rich Paul, whom she has been dating for six months. "She was crying all the time and couldn't stand a single full rehearsal," a source told Page Six. “She was always on the verge of a nervous breakdown . ” After the show was canceled, the Grammy winner flew to Los Angeles and immediately went to her lover's house.



According to preliminary data, Adele's performances have been postponed to the summer, but insiders believe that after such a scandal, her residence in Las Vegas will be canceled. Someone believes that the star is simply not mentally ready to return after such a long break and major changes in life. Photo: Instagram Adele.

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