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She was a model, she became homeless: how marriage to a handsome man from "Baywatch" ruined the life of Loni Willison?




If today you have success, beauty and fame, it is not at all necessary that all this remains with you for life. And the story of Loni Willison only confirms this common truth.

Back in the early 2010s, Loni Willison shone at secular parties. She was a fairly successful fitness model - a slender and fit spectacular blonde invariably found herself in the spotlight and attracted attention. But then her life went downhill. In recent years, the former glamorous star has been seen on the streets of Los Angeles, swarming in trash cans. There was no trace of the former image: no platinum curls, no tan - Willison appeared in front of the paparazzi cameras in sloppy dirty clothes, with short hair and no upper teeth. Today, Loni is 39 years old, but the woman looks older than her age. Legion media

When journalists tried to talk to the model and find out what ruined her life, she assured that her ex-husband, Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson (he played Hobie Buchannon), was to blame.


When Loni was asked at what point everything went wrong, she replied: “This is my ex-husband. That I got married. At least I'm divorced. He arranged everything to do this to me."

Jackson and Willison married in 2012 at a resort in Laguna Beach, California, and while their romance seemed perfect from the outside, she later claimed he physically abused her behind closed doors. Getty images The model said that their marriage was filled with drunken scandals and quarrels with assault, because of which she feared for her life. Repeatedly, Loni received multiple fractures. She even recorded one of the quarrels on tape, which she then handed over to the Daily Mail reporters.


It showed Willison screaming in terror as Jeremy apparently beat her. The day before the attack, according to Willison, the man emailed her a chilling 12-minute rap song he wrote for her, in which he announced that he "wants to kill her."

The couple separated in 2014 after less than two years of marriage. Willison then claimed that Jackson attempted to strangle her in a drunken brawl. The exuberant actor even served time in prison in 2017 after striking a plea deal for stabbing a woman in Los Angeles in 2015. 

After her divorce from her husband, Loni disappeared from the public field, and then they began to see her on the street. In 2016, the model had a mental breakdown - she began to believe that someone was sending electric currents into her body. Because of this, Willison avoided shelters. To escape from panic attacks, by her own admission, only drugs helped her. Caring people have repeatedly offered Loni to contact social services for help, but she rejected it. The ex-model assures that, even if she is not necessarily happy with this lifestyle, it "has good and bad sides" and that she "will be fine.".

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