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She took fiancé from Alina Kabaeva, divorced a businessman and quit the movie. What is known about Anna Gorshkova?


Why has Anna Gorshkova almost never acted in films in recent years?

Anna Gorshkova's grandmother was a teacher with many years of experience, and her grandfather was the head of the Main Directorate of the KGB of the USSR, so dad connected his fate with work in the special services. Although the mother of the future actress graduated from the Plekhanov Institute, after the birth of her daughter, she concentrated on her family. The contradictions between the spouses grew, so the parents divorced when Anya was not even five. Subsequently, the father moved to the United States, but did not lose touch with the heiress.

Tatyana Ivanovna put all her energy into raising a child: through the efforts of her mother, Anna got into a special school with a mathematical bias and an emphasis on foreign languages. The teachers were too demanding and strict, so the girl wanted to get an education as soon as possible and start working.

New perspectives opened up when an attractive girl started working as a model. This taught Gorshkova independence, because sometimes for the sake of filming she had to travel far from home. How did Anna get into the movies from photo shoots for Parisian magazines and fashion shows in Milan? On November 28, the artist turns 39, and it's time to reveal the secrets of her career and personal life.

"Poor Polina"


She took her fiancé from Kabaeva, divorced a businessman and quit the movie. What they say about Anna Gorshkova Korikova played a “positive” serf in the series, but Gorshkova played the opposite

The modeling business turned out to be not only profitable, but also beneficial for self-esteem: in adolescence, Anna did not feel interesting and pretty. At the same time, Gorshkova was used to studying a lot, so she entered the State University of Management. But the girl never became a sociologist.

She did not quit the modeling business and even turned into the face of a cosmetic brand, and at the same time she took courses at the acting school at the Amedia company. This event changed the fate of Anna, because out of curiosity for a new profession, she went to auditions in the series "Women's Happiness" and "Poor Nastya".

If in the first case, the artist was waiting for only a tiny episode, then the director Pyotr Stein highly appreciated the appearance and expression of the beginning star: according to him, Gorshkova successfully combined the features of a simpleton and a she-devil. So Anna got the role of serf Polina, who was remembered by the audience of "Poor Nastya" not only for her natural beauty, but also for her self-interest and tendency to weave intrigues. The actress herself justified the heroine - they say, the girl had to resort to tricks in order to find happiness.


She took her fiancé from Kabaeva, divorced a businessman and quit the movie. What they say about Anna Gorshkova "A Rider Called Death" could take center stage in the star's filmography

One way or another, the public remembered Anna, who starred with Elena Korikova, Dmitry Isaev and Peter Krasilov. By the way, Nina Usatova was closest to Gorshkova on the set: the actress gave practical advice to her novice colleague and supported her at all stages of work.

The success of the series gave Gorshkova new offers. Karen Shakhnazarov invited Anna to the film "The Horseman Called Death", and initially he singled out a key role for her. “During the audition process, the whole script was not shown to me, but when I saw it and read it ... there were so many explicit scenes! I was 20 years old, I was so embarrassed and realized that I could not go for it. I came to Shakhnazarov, and he said that I would regret it, by the way, he was absolutely right!” - the artist recalled in the program "My Hero" on TVC. As a result, Anna played Zinaida Rogoznikova in the film, but the main role went to Anastasia Makeeva. The most annoying thing is that in the end all the frank episodes from the final version of the picture were cut out. “I came to the premiere and what was my surprise when I didn’t see a single scene on the screen that was written in the script. This is where I really regret it! Gorshkova complained.

From peak to extinction


She took her fiancé from Kabaeva, divorced a businessman and quit the movie. What they say about Anna Gorshkova In the TV series "Two Fates" the actress starred from the second season

Soon Anna already appeared in “Dear Masha Berezina”, “Business Partner” and “Bachelors”, but the second wave of popularity after “Poor Nastya” covered her thanks to the role of Dasha Voloshina in the TV series “Two Fates”. This time, the artist got a pure and open heroine, who, by the way, dreamed of being realized in the modeling business. The on-screen husband of the star was played by Anatoly Rudenko, so, of course, there were rumors about the novel.

In 2006, a Muscovite reincarnated as a provincial in the film "Ticket to the Harem". Then “My Prechistenka” and “Spartakiad. Local warming”, and in 2008 the actress got the role that many critics called the main one in her career: Vera Clark in “The Passenger”.

Out of envy in the star party, rumors were spread that the role of 27-year-old Anna was received not for talents, but because Stanislav Govorukhin himself was carried away by her. When Gorshkova appeared alone at the premiere and talked with the master all evening, gossip got stronger. However, the actress disowned the rumor, but the fans were already exaggerating with might and main the news about Govorukhin's new muse Elena Dudina, so the conversations subsided.


She took her fiancé from Kabaeva, divorced a businessman and quit the movie. What they say about Anna Gorshkova All male heroes fell in love with the heroine of Anna in The Passenger, and according to others, Stanislav Govorukhin

Anna also received key roles in the films "Golden Country", "My Love" and "Glow", but the success of "Passenger" was out of the question. The characters of Gorshkova in the "House with Lilies" and the project "Such a Job" also failed to block the bright heroine. Well, after the image of the pilot from the film "To Paris ...", the actress completely disappeared from the cinema. Only three years later, she appeared in the German film Ibiza Gate, and even then in the background.

And although the artist began to lead a closed lifestyle, rarely agreed to interviews and filming, others still found reasons for criticism. For example, Anna was reminded of the events of bygone days, hanging on her the stigma of a homeowner ...

Friend mistaken for lover and ex-husband


There was no official information about the possible wedding of the gymnast and the businessman.

The scandal broke out in 2006, when Anna began to appear with Shalva Museliani. Previously, the businessman was called Alina Kabaeva's fiancé, so those around him concluded: the actress took the businessman away from the world champion in rhythmic gymnastics. The haters also noticed the fact that both girls called the Georgian David.

Gorshkova assured that she and Museliani were just friends, and the yellow press articles, which accused her of “hijacking” the groom from Kabaeva, wounded not only the heroes of the triangle, but also their relatives: Anna’s grandparents were very upset by what happened.

“I met David recently. By that time, she and Alina had already parted. Therefore, all these inventions that I, under the cover of night, in the absence of Kabaeva, visited David's apartment and came to work for him at the police station - a blatant lie! First, I didn't know where David worked. In addition, he, as a free man, has his own personal life. David has many friends and acquaintances. It has nothing to do with me. And now I am undeservedly considered a homeowner, ”the actress was indignant. 


The union lasted only two years.

The artist assured that her reputation is dear to her, and she herself does not favor homeowners. Interestingly, shortly after this scandal, the actress announced an imminent wedding with the general director of OAO Tsentrgaz, Mikhail Borshchev. Anna met her chosen one 15 years older at a party of mutual friends, where Borshchev immediately drew attention to her. Gorshkova at first kept aloof, but stubborn courtship proved to her the seriousness of the fan's intentions.

In 2007, the lovers got married in Monaco, and fans did not fail to compare Gorshkova's story with plots from the life of Grace Kelly. But the fairy tale ended two years later: the businessman saw Anna as a housewife, which did not suit the actress and model in any way. READ ALSO "Victoria is the dearest person to me."

Since then, Gorshkova has not shared details of her personal life with fans. She tells her subscribers about beauty procedures, birthdays of loved ones and past projects.

Netizens have noticed that the appearance of the star has changed somewhat recently, but they do not suspect her of plasticity: most likely, the secret lies in “beauty shots” or other novelties in cosmetology. In any case, people around expect from Anna new films and revelations about matters of the heart, which have not been heard about for many years.


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