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Sharapova explained why she is postponing the wedding with a millionaire



Tennis player Maria Sharapova said that the date of the wedding has not been determined due to the difficult situation in the world Maria Sharapova. Ex-first racket of the world Maria Sharapova explained why the date of the wedding with British businessman Alexander Gilks ​​has not yet been named.

The couple's engagement was announced last year, but despite this, the wedding date has not yet been determined.

"I think there are so many uncertainties in today's environment, which is why we haven't set a date yet," Sharapova told PEOPLE magazine .

According to her, the situation in the world does not allow for a celebration, while the couple wants the invited guests to feel comfortable.

Gilkes ​​is a millionaire co-founder of Paddle 8, an online fine art auction house.

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