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SHAMAN Reveals How He Feels About Age Gap With Wife


Five years ago Yaroslav Dronov got married for the second time. The singer's chosen one is the former wife of the writer Alexander Tsypkin, Elena Martynova. She is 14 years older than Yaroslav. The fans were worried about the question: does such a difference in age interfere with family happiness and understanding between spouses? SHAMAN in a new interview with humor spoke on this topic:

"I am 31, but internally 60, so there is no problem with this. I don’t feel like I’m 31. I’m comfortable finding a common language with people who are over 50, and even better over 60".

Yaroslav is happy with Elena, he stressed that she understands him perfectly, and an idyll reigns in their relationship. In the same interview, SHAMAN spoke about his daughter from his first marriage to vocal teacher Marina Roshchupkina.

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