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Sergey Lazarev at the "Eurovision-2016" has been parodied by schoolboy

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Multimedia performance of Sergey Lazarev at the "Eurovision-2016" is characterized by high technicality and precision of movements and inspires fans to further artistic endeavours.

Budget, but no less impressive version of the Lazarev’s performance was presented by pupils of 46th school in Surgut. Learning that the director of the Department of Education and the head of the city administration are going to come on their graduation day, they came up with a performance in half an hour. As a result it made laugh not only guests of the prom, but also Internet users. Student of 9 "D" class and winner of numerous art competitions, Sergey Borshov was playing Sergei Lazarev. With the support of friends, he calmly and accurately copied all the tricks and movements.

New version of Lazarev’s "Eurovision-2016" performances gained more than 400 thousand views on Youtube, and that number's going to grow. Now we can compare the two performances and assess the accuracy of the new version of the Sergey Lazarev’s song “One” by students from Surgut.



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