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Sergey Lazarev and Dima Bilan showed off the effects of unrequited love

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Probably five years ago it would be difficult to imagine that these two pop-Princes will do something together. Fans of Lazarev and Bilan were sure that they are the competitors. However, it turned out that artists respect the achievements of each other. Cherry on the cake was the duet "I'm sorry". And now the music video, directed by Leonid Kolosovsky was released.

In the final of the video Bilan jumping into a stormy ocean, and Lazarev jumps off the cliff. Apparently, that's how the guys imagine unhappy love. The video turned out really fashionable.

- Sergey Lazarev and I went well beyond what was expected. Maybe for someone our duet was predictable ... He suggested the track, I offered a sound, this track sounds. The result was a collaboration, - commented on his recent duet with Lazarev Dima Bilan. - You have no idea how we were laughing during the video shoot. Laughing, going crazy. We don't see ourselves as others see us. As for Sergey, we're friends, communicate, sometimes exchanging messages, news.

By the way, clip was filmed in Portugal where "Eurovision" song contest will take place in the spring.

- Such duets occur infrequently, there is a high concentration of nerves, feelings and emotions. It so happened that our career started in one year in one place - we were both participants of the "New Wave - 2002" contest in Jurmala - told Sergey Lazarev to reporters about the duet and  "I'm sorry" music video. - Since then, our paths run parallel, sometimes intersecting, sometimes moving away from each other. We were compared, faced, but in the end, time will put everything in its place. Each of us has become an independent successful solo artist with his audience of millions of fans, each of us has gone through many trials, ups and downs. This video clip - this is our way.




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