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Sergei Sosedov: "Sergey Lazarev sings in English! But who needs that!"


Sergei Sosedov believes that the singers do not have enough good songs. A well-known music critic told who of the Russian singers improperly chooses the repertoire An outrageous Russian journalist spoke very frankly about the situation in modern show business.

"Thay have troubles with taste, with songs, it's bad. I'd rather say about those who struck me in a good way. I like Lolita. She thinks of something all the time: sometimes it's successful, sometimes it's not, but it's natural. Now she showed me the song she was recording. That was a blast! So bright, good. She is already preparing for the jubilee concerts, which will be already in 2 years. Now she is thinking how to make the concert interesting, what repertoire to choose".  

Nevertheless, Sergei could not refrain from criticizing the artists.  

Critic Sergei Sosedov, who more than 20 years is engaged in the publication of articles on pop stars, told about today's creativity and appearance of Alla Pugacheva.

"I think this disrespect for the public, she considers herself at such a high level that she can say anything, she says, by the way, the same for many decades." I've heard her ridiculous "reluctance" not to be universally liked for thirty years now. She does not change this repertoire of aphorisms, expressions .. Actually, she lost herself ... ", - said the critic. And appearance? Yes, when I saw her at  New Year's concert, I decided that it was a parodist of some kind, "- concluded Sosedov.

And the young singers, what about them?

"Sergey Lazarev sings in English, well, who needs it? No one needs! Singers like him are a dime a dozen. Why he climbs there - I do not understand at all. It's like taking a melon from Moscow to Tashkent".  

I really like Vitas, but with songs some kind of ambush. Yes, he has success. But he could occupy an even higher position on the stage Olympus, because his makings are amazing - both the voice, and looks. 

Dima Bilan is a great artist! I love him very much, but he also does not have enough hits. I really liked him on the show "Phantom of the Opera", where he sang the aria from the opera "Jesus Christ is a superstar". Excellent! I have not heard this for a long time. It's delightful! He grew up into a great artist. I am very happy. I want more bright hits in his performance. Or let him sing something classical, from the same musicals.  

Also, the music critic admitted that he does not listen to modern girls bands. He is simply not interested.   - They write that someone was replaced there. I do not even notice it, because they are all the same.  

Sergei Sosedov is a well-known music critic, a member of the Moscow Journalists' Union. He is known for his refined and accurate statements about musical tastes. Since September 2010, Sergei Sosedov - one of the four judges of the singing show "X-factor" on STB.


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