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Sergei Polunin and Elena Ilinykh will become parents for the second time


In January 2020, Sergey and Elena had their first child. Very soon, the beloved will become parents again - they are expecting a second child! The couple accepts congratulations from friends and fans. The pregnancy news was a surprise not only for the relatives, but also for themselves. The fact is that the couple was not at all ready for the birth of their second baby (at least at the present time).

“Sometimes it seems to me that some events in my life happen at the wrong time, but every time you are convinced that everything is for the best. There are a huge number of different ideas in my head: “I could implement this and that this year,” but then I let go and stopped forcing: everything in life is done at the right time. Even with the second pregnancy, it didn’t happen exactly when we wanted, ”admitted the 27-year-old figure skater.

The couple is raising their son Mir 


Sergey and Elena are not officially married, but this is for now.

Soon, the lovers are planning to play a magnificent wedding. Lena and I are waiting for the right moment to legitimize relations"

Recall that in January 2020, the athletes had a son, who was given the unusual name Mir. 32-year-old Polunin spoke a little about the eldest heir.

"He travels a lot. And in general, it seems to me that kindergarten and school are not as important for the development of a child as traveling, getting into a different cultural environment, different languages, different traditions - everything that nourishes and expands the worldview. Mir had the opportunity to travel since two months: he visited different seas, oceans, in different countries. And he really likes it, he likes to ride with us, he lights up when he gets into a car or a plane. An absolute extrovert - loves communication, loves people, loves to discover everything new, ”shared the ballet dancer.

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