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SEREBRO soloist Kate Kischuk became a mother for the first time


The child's father is British rapper Slowthai.

The ex-soloist of the Serebro group announced that she became a mother for the first time. Kate Kischuk gave birth to a son from a British rapper 

When a famous girl begins to post only portraits or waist-length photos on social networks, it is a reason to think. Is she pregnant? As a rule, many celebrities try to hide their pregnancy for the first time, but Kate Kishchuk surpassed everyone!

27-year-old singer Kate Kishchuk became a mother for the first time: the girl carefully concealed her pregnancy and only yesterday posted two cute photos on Instagram with the caption “Baby Rain is finally here”. One depicts Kate during pregnancy, and the second depicts the small leg of a newborn. The singer did not reveal the child's gender.


Kate Kishchuk gave birth to a son from a British rapper And she immediately showed how she looked during pregnancy - no one has seen these shots yet!

Katya Kishchuk gave birth to a son from a British rapper The father of the stellar firstborn is British rapper Slowthai, to whom Kischuk moved earlier this year. Life in another country was not easy for the star at first - she shared very depressing messages on social networks, literally saying that she was going crazy. Fortunately, everything worked out. Katya left her music lessons for a while - no new releases appeared on her account, but at least she was not sad. And now we know that since the fall of last year, she has been preparing for the birth of her first child. We want to pay tribute - not a single picture even hinted at an imminent joyful event.

Recall that the relationship between the guys became known in 2020. The discussion of the acquaintance of Russian and British stars began on January 3, when Katya Kischuk launched a live broadcast on her Instagram. During the New Year holidays in Tel Aviv, the singer had a good time with the rapper Slowthai, teaching him Russian words and kissing him on camera. Later, her pictures began to appear with enviable regularity in the stories of the British musician. The happy couple quarantined together, and a little later, in the profile of the former member of the Silver group, a picture appeared with a ring on the ring finger  - the lover proposed to Kate.

Congratulations to young parents and waiting for details! Photo: @kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ___ kkkk / Instagram


The father of the child is Kate's lover - British rapper Tyrone Kaymon Frampton, known under the pseudonym Slowthai. Under the post, he left a touching comment that he loves them. Kate replied: "We are you too."

The couple began to talk about the relationship last year, when, in one of the live broadcasts on her account, Kate taught the singer Russian and kissed him on camera. After that, young people began to publish photos of each other more often in their accounts, confirming that they are more than friends.


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