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Selena Gomez revealed the meaning of identical tattoos with Cara Delevingne


Rose - a new symbol of female friendship! Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne are best friends. And for the girls, this means a lot, so they decided to show their affection by getting matching tattoos. 

Recall that in mid-December, a post with a new tattoo of Selena Gomez appeared on Instagram of the popular master of New York. In the photo, the girl poses in the Bang Bang studio with her back, her coat is worn back to front, so that you can see a new underwear pattern on her bare back. Unfortunately, then it was problematic to understand what was depicted, but now you can see the tattoo in detail, and even in color!


Gomez notes that the drawing was chosen for a reason: “She calls me Rosebud, so that's a nickname. And I always wanted a rose, now I have it, and I like it . By the way, the beauty Kara also visited the famous tattoo parlor and stuffed an identical rose in a watercolor style on her side.

In total, Selena has about 16 tattoos. The first appeared in 2012 - the image of a miniature note, in honor of the fact that the girl then actively began to get involved in music. There is also a mini-cross, Selena always noted in an interview that faith is very important for her, the inscription Rare - in honor of the release of the album of the same name, also made in a minimalistic style with a semicolon, there is even a pair of tattoos with Julia Michaels in the form of arrows, which, by design, point to each other.


Selena Gomez 

It is worth noting that the girl has several tattoos that she dedicated to her friends, for example, the number 4 on her arm means four friends with whom the artist has been friends since childhood, there is also a unit on the ribs, so to speak, under the heart, which is dedicated to her best friend - Courtney Lopez. The date, significant for Selena, when she had a kidney transplant, 06/19/20, is also marked. Recall that Gomez had lupus for a long time and underwent severe treatment. But the largest tattoo at the moment is the prayer image of hands on the girl’s thigh. Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Photo: Instagram Selena Gomez , Video: Instagram Bang Bang Tattoo


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