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See the First Photos of Dasha Zhukova with her son from Stavros Niarhos



A photo of Dasha Zhukova with her son from Stavros Niarhos appeared on the network

Yesterday, June 8, the founder of the Garage Museum, Dasha Zhukova, celebrated her 40th birthday. She was congratulated by her many friends, who posted cute archive photos, including previously unpublished pictures from the wedding of Dasha and Stavros Niarchos. Recall that they got married in the fall of 2019, and the solemn ceremony was held in January 2020 in Switzerland.

But the greatest interest among the public was aroused by the post of her friend Derek Blasberg, who, in addition to the archives, shared a very relevant photo of Dasha, who recently became a mother for the third time. In the photo, Dasha, posing in a Paco Rabanne dress, gently hugs her peacefully sleeping baby.


Dasha Zhukova 

I wish a happy (40th ?!) birthday to this beautiful mother, - he captioned the picture.

This is perhaps the first photo of Dasha with her son Philip, whom she gave birth in March of this year (Zhukova also has a son and daughter from her marriage to Roman Abramovich ).

Earlier, the network got a photo of the paparazzi who caught Dasha walking with the baby in a stroller in the company of another new mother - model Karlie Kloss.


Dasha Zhukova with her eldest son Aaron


Dasha Zhukova and Derek Blasberg 


Karlie Kloss and Dasha Zhukova 


Dasha Zhukova at the wedding with Stavros Niarhos 


Many star friends not only congratulated Dasha, but also wrote many warm words about the birthday girl and her human qualities.

I admire her dedication, inner composure and always focus on success and creation. It is the creative energy, the desire not only to discover something new and great for oneself, but to share it with the world - these are the distinctive features of Dasha, - wrote Olga Slutsker.


Dasha Zhukova with children



Dasha Zhukova with her brother


Dasha Zhukova with her brother






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