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Sedokova about the relationship with a married basketball player


Former VIA Gra participant Anna Sedokova told about meeting her future husband, Latvian basketball player Janis Timma. According to her, she did not want to start a new relationship and at first did not reciprocate. For the sake of Sedokova, Timma left the family, leaving his wife with a small child. 

Anna Sedokova , a former member of the VIA Gra, said that she did not initially plan to start a relationship with basketball player Janis Timma . At the time of their acquaintance, the Latvian athlete was married, he just had a small child. However, according to the star, after the first date, she was imbued with feelings for the player.

“I kept him away from me, but then we started communicating online. And this correspondence has brought us closer, - Sedokova said in an interview with Svetlana Bondarchuk .

- I remember how Janis called me to the cinema. I am proud, I didn’t answer yes or no. Until the very last moment he did not know whether I would come or not. I myself did not know if I would come. As a result, when we saw the first film, we somehow immediately became closer. Then we decided to watch another movie. We never parted after that. "

Timma emphasized that he fell in love with Sedokova at first sight:

“It happens that you meet a person for the first time, talk to him and after five minutes you realize that you have known him for 20 years. With Anya, it was like this - I immediately understood how she thinks, what she thinks, where she is, what she wants. Everything was immediately clear and easy. "

At the time of their acquaintance, Timma was married to a girl named Sana and they had a child. Their marriage lasted nine years, and the divorce was a scandal. Sana wrote a huge post on her social networks, in which she accused the basketball player of treason. She called Sedokova a "whore". The woman soon deleted the post.


“I know that six months ago you started cheating on me. And in the summer you said you wanted to save our marriage. Interesting news. And taking care, in your understanding, means blocking your wife's bank cards so that she does not have money. To say that she and the most important person for you - your son - need to move out of our apartment and live on the street, sign divorce papers so that you can be a free man for your new lady, who claims that she does not date married men. " - Sana commented on Timma's romance with Sedokova.

Speaking about his relationship with his ex-wife, Timma noted that he is only "learning" to communicate with her normally.

“It's still difficult now. Only a year has passed since the divorce, but I am trying for the sake of the child, ”the athlete said.

Sedokova recently announced on Instagram that she is marrying Timma. The 28-year-old basketball player made the offer during their trip on a yacht in the United States, where they flew to the singer's daughter's birthday.

“I promise you to become the best wife for you and only for you, the best friend and partner, the best mother for our children. I thank God for every second with you and I miss every second without you. You are my eternity. And I told you yes. Yes, I will marry you, the best man in the whole Universe! " - wrote Sedokova.

For Sedokova, this is the third marriage. The first husband of the star was the late football player Valentin Belkevich, with whom she had a daughter, Alina. Her second chosen one was businessman Maxim Chernyavsky , with whom they legalized relations in 2011, their daughter Monica was born in marriage. Sedokova also has a son, Hector, from businessman Artem Komarov.


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