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Secret wedding of Milos Bikovich: what do we know?




Actor Milos Bikovic secretly married his beloved Ivana Malic. Details of the wedding are unknown. His colleague Ivan Okhlobystin spoke about this in a recent interview.

Talking about Bikovich, he noted that the actor is a true Orthodox man and takes women seriously.

"He's married now, thank God. He has a wonderful wife." Okhlobystin also added that the actor of Serbian origin is very close to Russian culture. “Milos is also a high professional and understands the essence of Russian culture. Our speech is not always easy for a foreigner; the Russian language is quite complex.”

In September, the actor told that he and Ivana would soon become parents for the first time. According to him, he was not going to reveal this news, but journalists pursued him and left him no choice.

Milos Bikovic and Ivana Malic have been dating since 2021. Their romance began just a week after Bikovich broke up with Russian ballroom dancing champion Arina Voloshina. Before that, he dated Serbian model Barbara Tatalovich for a year and a half, and previously lived for two years with his partner in the film “Ice”, Aglaya Tarasova and dated model Sasha Luss.

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