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Scorsese's "unknown thriller" "Goncharov" is being discussed on social networks



Martin Scorsese was probably very surprised that his film called "Goncharov" gained popularity on Tumblr - after all, the director never made such a movie. Users invented a whole legend about this picture, allegedly taken in 1973, and social networks were filled with memes.

It all began with a photo posted by Tumblr user zootycoon a few months ago. "Ordered these boots online, and instead of a brand, they have the name of a non-existent Martin Scorsese movie on the label. What the hell?" — surprised the author of the post. The text on the label is really very strange: "The greatest film about the mafia ever made. Martin Scorsese presents: Goncharov. Produced by Domenico Procacci. Directed by Matteo JWHJ 0715. About the Neapolitan mafia."


“This idiot didn’t watch Goncharov,” another user joked. Users appreciated the creativity of the creators of the shoes and began to fantasize about the plot of Goncharov. not only about criminal showdowns involving Goncharov, but also about his relationship with his wife named Katya Mikhailova and friend Andrei Daddano.


The role of Goncharov was entrusted to Robert De Niro, and Al Pacino, Gene Hackman, Harvey Keitel as Andrei and Cybill Shepard as Katya were also involved in the film.

Tumblr comes up with plot moves, created posters for an imaginary Scorsese masterpiece, and even a soundtrack written by a music teacher from the United States. There is an entire Google Doc where users create the full story of Goncharov, from character biographies and scene content to iconic quotes and facts about the film. In the spirit of the fact that "Scorsese originally wrote the script under Leonardo DiCaprio, but Leo was born only in 1974, so the director settled on the candidacy of Robert De Niro."


The topic of "Goncharov" has gone beyond Tumblr, memes and jokes about this are multiplying in social networks. Well, Scorsese's Wikipedia page was closed for editing: too many people tried to add a mention of an "unknown" film to it. According to euronews.culture


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