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Ryan Gosling reveals why he was afraid to play Ken in new Barbie movie


The favorite of all the guys is also a man, so doubts are not alien to him!

Last month we were treated to the first full trailer for Barbie and fans got their first look at Ryan in action as Barbie's basic but hot boyfriend Ken! With the film's premiere coming soon, fans have been eagerly awaiting CinemaCon 2023, where Greta Gerwig, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling were to share new details about Barbie.


Ryan Gosling at CinemaCon 2023 Legion Media

Speaking at the Barbie panel, Ryan admitted that he wasn't sure at first if he should play Ken and didn't "see" himself as that character. “I knew Ken superficially and, to be completely honest, I doubted my Ken energy ,” Ryan told the public. “I didn’t see the future in this, but Margot and Greta somehow pulled it out of me . ”


 During the presentation, he joked: “I lived a normal life, and then suddenly bleached my hair, shaved my legs, put on custom-made neon outfits and started rollerblading on Venice Beach . ”


While most people familiar with Ryan's comedic roles agreed that he was perfect for the role of Ken, others still feel that he is "not Ken enough", adding that he looks "too old for the famous doll " .

But still, you must admit, Ryan Gosling is the perfect Ken. That's it!

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