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Roman Abramovitch's Rumored girlfriend Miss Russia - 2015 Sofia Nikitchuk: who is she

The telegram channel "Only to anyone ..." reported about a possible affair. According to them, Abramovich is allegedly actively courting a model, who previously met with the ex-vice president of Lukoil Valery Subbotin, and was also the victim of rumors about her affair with Russian singer Nikolai Baskov.

Sofia hails from Snezhinsk, a closed city in the Chelyabinsk region. Dad is a military man, mom is a doctor. Dad was transferred from Ukraine to Snezhinsk. Mom raised her as a princess, for sure, from childhood she did not need anything, at the same time, her parents brought up a versatile personality in her.  “Mom tried to raise me as a creative person. I graduated from art and music schools, went to various circles. My dad is a military man, that is, he raised me in severity, but he never shouted. At home he was a different person than at work. I am grateful to my parents for their care.

Recently, the career of a twenty-five-year-old model entered a new round: the girl was appointed assistant to a deputy of the State Duma.

A native of the Chelyabinsk region wrote about it on her Instagram page. However, the publication was soon deleted.

“On this significant day, in the new status of assistant to a deputy of the State Duma, I received my first certificate!” Sofia Nikitchuk said.

“The main ideas of the movement directly coincide with my values ​​- self-disclosure, spiritual growth, constant achievement of goals and, of course, support. In my opinion, one of our main tasks is to do good for free! ”- Sofia Nikitchuk noted.

According to some information, Sofia got a job with the deputy Sergei Krivonosov, elected from the Krasnodar Territory.

In 2015, the model won the right to represent the Russian Federation at the Miss World contest, where she was awarded the honorary title of First Vice-Miss.

Later, Sofia became a participant in the scandal when she appeared on the cover of a magazine in a tricolor dress. Many suggested that the girl was simply wrapped in a flag.

Sofia graduated from music and art schools. She was fond of gymnastics, volleyball, ballroom and pop dancing.

The newly minted assistant to the deputy has a diploma with honors from the Ural Federal University in the specialty "Personnel management".

The year before last, the model was invited to the shooting of the historical series "Sofia". She played the role of Elena Voloshanka, daughter of the Moldovan ruler Stephen III.

Her most famous novel was her relationship with biathlete Andrei Naumov. Sofia was 14 years younger than her partner. After a year of relationship, Nikitchuk broke up with Naumov.

In 2016, the model had a short-term affair with football player Fedor Smolov. Then (according to rumors) singer Nikolai Baskov became Sofia's lover. Twice the beauty's personal life became part of the television show: "Let's get married!" in 2016; "Bachelor" in 2018. In the latter, the girl fought for Yegor Creed, who became the hero of the sixth season.



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