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Rich boyfriend and luxury life in Monaco: 15 photos of Karolina Sevastyanova


27-year-old Karolina Sevastyanova became the Olympic champion in 2012. 10 years have passed, but a beautiful figure and stretching is still with her. 

In 2012, she won the gold of the London Olympics in the group exercises, and immediately after that she hung up the ribbon on a nail to go undefeated.


Karolina Sevastyanova


Karolina Sevastyanova

Karolina was born in Kyiv, but a few months later she moved with her parents to Moscow. In order for the girl not to get bored while they were at work, her mother took Carolina to the rhythmic gymnastics section, but after the first lesson she was kicked out of there.

The coach called the baby “chubby and clubfoot” and very categorically stated that she would not win a single medal in her life. Then the mother enrolled her daughter in a paid circle, but there were no successes there either. At all competitions, Sevastyanova “dangled” somewhere at the bottom of the standings: her peers won the first titles, she had never climbed the podium yet. But Karolina's parents did not lose faith in their daughter and took her to see another coach. And that's when things took a completely different turn. For a year, the gymnast stretched out, lost weight, mastered all the complex elements and finally began to shine. But then her career almost ended again.


Karolina Sevastyanova


Karolina Sevastyanova

Karolina's coach was about to go on maternity leave and disbanded the group, but before that she took the girls to another tournament. Then Irina Viner herself came to look at the young champions and was fascinated by the brown-eyed and long-legged baby. She literally saved the girl: she invited her to train at her center in Novogorsk, and then included her in the national team. At that time, Sevastyanova was 15 years old, and she steadfastly endured all the torments of big-time sports: 12-hour program runs, dinners consisting of cucumber and three spoons of buckwheat, healed injuries and went out on the carpet again.

In 2010, she became the champion of the Youth Olympics in Singapore, and two years later she went to London, from where she also returned with a gold medal.


Karolina Sevastyanova 

Having enjoyed the triumph to its fullest and received the title of Honored Master of Sports from the president, Sevastyanova decided to end her career. At that time, she was only 17 years old, but she had already fulfilled her main dream and did not see the point in further torturing herself in training. 10 years have passed since then, and during this time Sevastyanova's life has changed dramatically. She did not, following the example of her teammates, work as a coach, but generally crossed out gymnastics from her life. True, a magnificent figure and a stunning stretch are still with her: it is not for nothing that Karolina is still called the most beautiful and hot student of Irina Viner. After completing her career, she was educated as a TV presenter, starred in films and TV shows, and then moved into a model - her external data is the most suitable for this!


In February 2022, she starred in the second season of the Stars in Africa show on the TNT channel, where she took only fourth place, but she definitely became the favorite of the audience.

Of course, everyone was interested in whether the heart of this beauty is free, or does someone else have a chance to conquer her? The girl did not answer this question directly, but intrigued followers with mysterious photographs. Either he will show a necklace with diamonds in a velvet box, or a bouquet of roses, or a new car. And only a few months ago it became clear: her chosen one is none other than businessman Alexander Mazanov.


Now Karolina Sevastyanova lives with her lover in Monaco. A place where the sun almost always shines and there are many beaches with golden sand, it is just perfect for her. All year round, an even chocolate tan and the ability to practically not get out of a bikini. We look with delight at the hottest pictures of Karolina and can't take our eyes off her beautiful legs! ...


Karolina Sevastyanova


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