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Regina Todorenko told that she had an affair with the singer Vlad Topalov

New boyfriend, photos of which Ukrainian singer Regina Todorenko posted in their social networks was member of the group Smash!! Russian musician Vlad Topalov.

Ukrainian TV presenter Regina Todorenko revealed the name of her new lover - it was the Russian singer Vlad Topalov. This ex-host of "Oryol i Reshka," said in an interview with the Russian edition StarHit. "

Dare to suggest that I am in love? Yes, completely! 

At the beginning of 2016 edition StarHit wrote that Todorenko had an affair with a showman and producer Nikita Tryakin.

The TV host has been dating her co-star on the play "Sell a wife to the pawnshop" Vlad Topalov. According to Regina, work in the theater helped her to find a loved one.

Regina Todorenko recently announced her resignation from the project "Oryol i Reshka ". She explained her decision with fatigue and a desire to focus on other projects. 

Having completed the project, Regina also parted ways with her young man Nikita Tryakin. According to her, there's just no spark between them anymore. Obviously, these changes opened the way for new feelings.

Yesterday  many tabloids reported that the ex-leader of show "Oryol i Reshka" Regina Todorenko has a new boyfriend.

Previously, the star broke up with Nikita Tryakin, left the TV project and spoke about new people in her  life - in fact, it was the reason for the emergence of such rumors. In an interview with Starhit Todorenko told the following: "Last year, I made my stage debut, thanks to which I have found the man I love. We'd both been offered title roles in "Sell a wife to the pawnshop". I was so happy when I got the offer. But I do not even suggest how it will change my life. What more i can say? Do not be afraid to push the boundaries! Learn a new way, stepping on the throat of fear, move forward. And, of course, fall in love! ". Naturally, the fans immediately started talking about Regina's affair with ex-member of the group Smash !.

Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov met in the summer of 2017 during work on the play "Sell a wife to the pawnshop" // Photo: Personal archive

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