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Regina Todorenko told how Vlad Topalov proposed to her

TV presenter Regina Todorenko, who will soon become a mother, became the heroine of the program "Evening Urgant", where she told how her pregnancy is and about the relationship with Vlad Topalov. According to her, she dreamed of marrying the lead singer of Smash from a young age

- I had a poster of the group. I looked at him and already knew then that I would marry a blondу from Smash! Strictly speaking, it happened. I really liked him! - admitted the TV host. Vlad Topalov, she said, proposed to her two months ago, when they were on holidays on the Mediterranean Sea.

"He got down on one knee, offered to be with him all his life, to become his support," recalls Todorenko.

Soon the couple will have a wedding, however, Regina did not give specific dates.

Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov started having affair at the time when they began to play in one play. The couple got the roles of the bride and groom.

"Our heroes got married, the same thing happened in our life," the TV host said.

Despite the early birth of a baby, Regina Todorenko does not stop working.

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