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"Red Sparrow" with Jennifer Lawrence: How Russians react to a film


Francis Lawrence's movie about how the agents of the Russian special services are actually being trained came out in Russia 

Jennifer Lawrence in the movie "The Red Sparrow". 

The main thing for a Russian intelligence officer is the ability to copulate in public. All the rest things that the red bastard, who is going to destroy the Western world (anatomy, neurobiology, NLP, church rituals, how to stop the blood, how to carry out a complex technical action "around!"), should know is of secondary importance.

There is a special school № 4 in the snow-white fields near Moscow: there are three dozen boys and girls, mostly former cadets, selected for spies for beauty (it's hardly an intellect). There's no respect for shyness in the special school: elite agents are being trained here to lay them under important foreigners. Then, depending on the assignment, they will either extract information from them or choke them with a wire, the first does not exclude the second. The program on preparation of tempters and manipulators personally by Khrushchev was launched.

Classes are mostly practical. For example, they introduce "ex-representative of Chuvashia in the parliament", who was "the leading critic of the president", until he was arrested for attracting adolescent boys. One of the cadets is offered to satisfy him in the way that the same teenager would satisfy. The starving Chuvash is bursting into battle, opening his fly ... But the student is failing the task, she can not, she is crying.

Bad, bad schoolgirl Anya! It seems that you can not be a resident. The Russian spy must forget emotions when the Motherland gives the order. The people raised you, fed you, shod, and now you're sick, you're sick of it! And if you are not facing a Chuvash senator, but facing a real enemy? Have you thought about that, Anechka? Not ashamed?

The strict mentors of the special school №4 get a baller ina with the original Russian name Dominika Egorova. She danced in the Bolshoi until her partner, who is in love with Dominika's rival, deliberately broke her leg. And yet she, thank God, has an uncle named Vanya, who not only looks like Putin, but also serves as deputy director of the Foreign Intelligence Service. He is the one who sent her off to spy school.  And again, you can only admire the acting skills of the Russian star of the TV show "Molodezhka" Makar Zaporozhsky - when Jennifer Lawrence undresses before him, offering him to surrender on the table in front of the enchanted audience, he has the "ok, she does it every day" look on his face.


* * * "Red Sparrow" - a screen version of the novel by Jason Matthews, a former CIA employee turned writer. He was born in 1951, and grew up on spy books and films - John Le Carré, Ian Fleming, KGB, scout Rosa Klebb. Now he disguises himself as an expert, giving commens on Russia ("Russians are xenophobes, the only ones they hate more than foreigners, they are themselves", "Russia is forever stuck between the European elegance of Catherine the Great and the Slavic atrocities of Ivan the Terrible "), virtuoso masking the fact that Dominica does not really know about Russia during training in a special school.

Shot from the film Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS Veronica (Dominica) during training in a special school. 

But about the other Russia Matthews and the director of the adaptation Francis Lawrence know everything. And that there is snow 12 months of the year, and that the best spies are ex-dancers (yes, you look at Natasha Romanoff in "Avengers"!), and that all Russian interiors are rich, with stucco, gilding and red velvet, and that the scouts appoint each other's meetings in Gorky Park, without specifying exactly where (because it's the size of the square), and that the central streets of modern Moscow are illuminated by the signboards "Bakery". That Russian special services are prone to sadistic torture (in one scene they are trying to take off the skin with a special vegetable cleaner), and kill traitors without hesitation. What very little has changed in the country from Stalin's time.


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