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Real Olga Buzova: or how she looks without makeup and photoshop


Real Buzova: or how a star looks without makeup

The most "juicy" photos of Olga Buzova without makeup and photoshop.

Cosmetics - works wonders. Especially when it comes to professional makeup done by the best stylists. But sometimes it happens that popular personalities also come out without a make-up. Their “real” image sometimes shocks fans. Olga Buzova is the star of the Russian instragram, no exception. Many fans may be shocked by such pictures. 


Is Olya really an incredible beauty even without professional makeup? Most probably not. In photographs “without makeup” she seems like a completely ordinary girl.


Once Buzova was a bright blonde. Apparently, now she really regrets it. This color definitely does not suit her.


Olya without makeup is absolutely not the Olya we are used to know. Do you agree? 


Naturally, it is impossible not to love such a beauty as Olya Buzova. We treat her pictures exclusively with humor. What do you think is the most “natural” photo?

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