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Real Albina Dzhanabaeva: or how she looks without makeup and photoshop


41-year-old Albina Dzhanabaeva surprised fans with a picture without makeup and retouching.


Shouldn't we all go to the bathhouse today? For me, this is a real reboot and a thrill! Albina Dzhanabaeva

“Hello, I'm 15”, “Such a sweetheart without makeup”, “Beauty! And without makeup "," 15-year-old girl "," Are you 18 years old here? "," You are pretty without make-up "," Chic ", - the followers comment on the picture.


this is how the singer looks with makeup Previously, Dzhanabaeva starred in a bodysuit , came to a secular evening and surprised the network with natural beauty .

Admire the stylish images of Albina in the gallery. Read the interview with the singer on the website.



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