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Princess of Monaco Charlotte Casiraghi played a wedding with Dimitri Rassam

Charlotte Casiraghi married French producer Dimitri Rassam. The granddaughter of the Hollywood star Grace Kelly Charlotte Casiraghi played a wedding on June 1: The Uncrowned Princess of Monaco married French producer Dimitri Rassam. The marriage ceremony took place in the residence of the rulers of the Principality of Monaco - in the palace of Grimaldi, where the wedding of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier II was celebrated 63 years ago.

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The ceremony was beautiful, but royally modest enough: in the presence of close friends, 33-year-old Charlotte and 36-year-old Dimitri exchanged rings. Instead of a magnificent celebration, the newlyweds threw an almost homely party with dances and jokes. For example, immediately after the marriage ceremony, the friends of the newly-made husband threw him into the pool.

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The prince of Monaco Prince Albert II a nd his wife Charlene attended the wedding. The bride walked down the aisle in a gray Saint Laurent dress with three bows in front. After the ceremony, she switched up her wedding day look with a second dress from Chanel wit h bare shoulders. Charlotte wore a diamond necklace from the Cartier jewelry house that her grandmother Grace Kelly once wore.

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Charlotte and Dimitri got married after three years of relationship. Six months ago, their son Balthazar was born. This is the first marriage for Charlotte and for Dimitry - the second one. Charlotte stole Dimitri, breaking his marriage with the Russian model Masha Novoselova. A native of Tula made a successful modeling career in Europe, graced the covers of leading magazines. In 2010, Masha married Dimitry. The couple played wedding in St. Petersburg - so the bride wished. While Rassam produced the movie (his work - “Pablo Escobar: The Lost Paradise”, “The Keeper of the Moon”, the cartoon “The Little Prince”), Masha raised her daughter Dasha and continued to participate in photo shoots. Their marriage seemed quite happy until Charlotte appeared on the horizon.

It is not known how Dimitri and his former Russian wife are now communicating, but Russam continues to take care of her daughter. Moreover, the girl gets along well with Charlotte. Seven-year-old Dasha attended the wedding of her father and even danced at the wedding banquet with 5-year-old Rafael - Charlotte's son from a previous relationship with French actor Gad Elmaleh. According to Vogue, on the occasion of the wedding of the parents, the children were allowed to stay awake longer. By the way, the entourage of the newlyweds reported that Rassam and Casiraghi are planning another, more magnificent wedding ceremony: they are going to get married in a church in the French commune of Saint-Remy-de-Provence, where Charlotte grew up.

Masha Novoselova with Dimitri Rassam and his mother, actress Carole Bouquet at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS Dimitri Rassam - son of a French movie star Carole Bouquet (her main star role is in the film “This Vague Object of Desire” by Louis Buñuel, and she was one of the girls of James Bond) and French-Lebanese producer Jean-Pierre Rassam .

 Charlotte - the eighth in line to the throne of Monaco. She leads an active social life and is engaged in a charity foundation named after her grandmother Grace Kelly, as well as shooting for glossy magazines and advertising campaigns - for example, she was the face of Gucci and Saint Laurent (it was not by chance that she chose a dress of this brand for the wedding). She gave birth to her first son Raphael in 2013 from the French comedian Gad Elmaleh (“Midnight in Paris”, “Love with Obstacles”), with whom she lived in a civil marriage for four years. Charlotte's romance with Elmalekh developed along the same scenario: the couple announced their engagement, then it turned out that the bride was pregnant and the marriage was postponed. As a result, the bride and groom did not have a wedding either before or after the birth of the heir. 

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