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'Personality disorder': Claire Foy from 'The Crown' was harassed


It all started with threats and letters, and ended with the penetration into the house. 'Personality disorder': Claire Foy from 'The Crown' was harassed

Jason Penrose, 39, began bombarding actress Claire Foy with emails.

The man offered the star of the series "Crown" to enter into a relationship with him and threatened to rape. In total, the man sent over a thousand letters. Then he tried to break into Foy's house in London, and also, without stopping, rang her doorbell, after which the actress was forced to call the police.

Now Jason Penrose will undergo a psychological examination. Then the court will consider the issue of the ban on approaching the actress.

According to psychiatrist Artem Gilev, Penrose most likely has a personality disorder. At the same time, the doctor admits that the persecutor is recognized as sane.

“Most likely, the court will decide that Jason could control his actions, but allowed himself not to do so. Although it is possible that the pursuer has a severe mental disorder. Schizophrenia is also possible, that is, he acted on the basis of some delusional motives.

If you encounter this, then immediately write a statement to the police, and do not try to communicate with the pursuer on your own, ”Artem Gilev told PopCornNews. Photo source: Legion-Media


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