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Personal Shopper: the Kristen Stewart film booed at Cannes


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Introducing the trailer for Kristen Stewart’s other (non-Woody Allen) film ‘Personal shopper’. You know, the one that got booed by the audience?

Cannes isn't all about red carpet moments and model-filled galas, you know. For the film buffs among us, it's also a barometer for discovering which films will be next year's Oscar contenders, which ones are worth seeing at the cinemas... and which are best left for a quiet iTunes/Netflix/[insert preferred digital service] night. While some films are deserving of the festival buzz that they garner, others, like Kristen Stewart's latest, Personal Shopper havve inspired quite an interesting reaction at this year's festival.

Earlier this week, news outlets were quick to report that Kristen Stewart's latest flick had left some critics so nonplussed that they were booing as the credits rolled. However, that wasn't the whole picture - according to The Hollywood Reporter Personal Shopper also received a four-and-a-half minute standing ovation. As Stewart clarified earlier this week, "Everybody did not boo. Let's be clear." Director Olivier Assayas added, "When you come to Cannes, you have to be prepared for everything. It happens to me once in a while, where people just don't get the ending." So that's settled then.

Personal Shopper is the second time Assayas has worked with the American Twilight actress - their first outing was Stewart's Cesar- winning turn in Clouds of Sils Maria, a naturalistic role which the actress was widely praised for. This time, Stewart plays a disinterested personal shopper who is trying to speak to her dead twin brother beyond the grave. Labelled a ghost story, the accompanying trailer is haunting, chilling and - if we're honest - a little lonely. As you'll see in the trailer, despite being the last person you'd expect to take a gig as a celebrity personal shopper, Stewart as a lost American girl in Paris is pretty convincing.

In other Kirsten Stewart related news, it's been confirmed that she'll team up with Chloë Sevigny for a thriller based on the real-life 1892 Lizzie Borden murders. Creeeeeepy. We can't wait.

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