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People saw the Gal Gadot's stunt and asked to fire Wonder Woman. The new superheroine has won their hearts


Fans of Gal Gadot saw her understudy and realized that they were in a hurry, confessing their love to the actress, because all this time there was an even prettier girl, in their opinion, behind the scenes. Many even decided that it was time to fire the Wonder Woman star, because they found a budget and no less excellent replacement. 

On December 31, a Reddit user registered as Sofargonept2 shared a photo of Kaitlyn Burles, a model and staff actress from London. The girl worked as a "body stunt double" (this term refers to all cases when another person replaces a movie star in the frame) Gal Gadot on the set of both films about Wonder Woman.

The understudy does not have to be able to perform complex stunts, like stuntmen, it is enough only to have a physiognomic resemblance to a celebrity. This substitution is often used when it is required to show the performer of the leading role from a long distance or from the back.

This allows not only to save on royalties for the star, but also to keep within fewer shooting days, when, for example, one director only shoots close-ups of a celebrity, and the other at the same time works on less important scenes, where the shift is just involved.

A day earlier, the picture appeared on the girl's instagram. Now that Wonder Woman 1984 has hit the screens, the embargo has been lifted from the photographs and the model can show herself in full superhero outfit.


Photo: caitlinburles Photo: caitlinburles


And this is how the girl replacing the star looked in full growth: Photo: caitlinburles 

Many users even decided that Gal Gadot herself was inferior to her understudy in beauty, and regretted that the girl remained behind the scenes, although, in their opinion, she deserves to star in the lead role. 

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